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About the Artist


Hi! Welcome! Thank you so much for stopping by and showing love to a small little business.  Just to clarify, my website is Madeofmoonbeams and my business name is Stardust Silverworks.  Confusing, yes it is.  Switching platforms paired with being a bit technologically deficient is how it happened.


My name is Sarah, I live in central Pennsylvania.  I was brought up among the trees and flowers and loved splashing through creeks. For as long as I can remember,  I have been fascinated the by tiny details found throughout nature. Whether it be turning over rocks looking for fossils or examining a leaf and admiring its tiny chlorophyll filled cells.  You will find bits of these imprints incorporated with precious metals and many different gemstones. I am so happy to have found a way that enables me capture some of the magic nature offers to be worn and adored by others. I hand craft every piece from my little home studio that is covered in ivy.  


In addition to jewelry I have also fell in love with leather work. My love for leather purses and bags brought me here, along with my love for making. I deeply enjoy imprinting different plant leaves onto some of my vegetable tanned leather products. I source high quality leather to make my goods. Right now, I am making every piece by hand. From cutting, punching the holes to stitching it all together and everything in between.  

I also started dabbling in pottery.  I have long had a desire to create with clay.  Taking pottery class five times in highschool, I never lost the desire to create with this medium.  And, you know what?  You only live once, so why not!  Stay tuned for trinket dishes to hold your jewelry and just lots of fun and interesting pottery!

In addition to my creative life, I am a full time registered nurse working in a busy level 1 trauma center. I love my job but it can take an emotional toll on you.  I tell everyone, life is fragile and short.  Be sure to express your love to those you feel you need to!  Give that hug, make that phone call.  Art is my release from my busy work life.


I truly believe that we are all connected. From the vastness of space right down to tiny quark particles and atoms that make up the world we live in. My hope is that through my work you are able to feel connected and inspired by mother nature and the universe.

For behind the scenes, follow me on instagram!



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